Barbarians at the Gate: ERPNext Conference 2019

  1. October 2018: Microsoft Acquires Open Source Platform GitHub for $7.5 Billion
  2. October 2018: Open Source Search Platform Elastic goes IPO at a valuation of $2.4 Billion
  3. Jan 2019: Open Source Producer of Apache Kafka raises funding of $125M
  4. June 2019: Open Source Slack Alternative Mattermost raises $50M funding.
  5. July 2019: Linux Distribution and Open Source Publisher RedHat is acquired for $34 Billion

Open Source is Coming

Infrastructure components have all become open source and most of the big IT vendors including Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon and Google are betting on Cloud to capture the next wave of investment.

Ground Zero

ERPNext is at the Ground Zero of this move towards Enterprise Open Source. Over the past couple of years we have seen a growing interest in mid sized companies ditching SAP and Oracle and deploying ERPNext instead. While it started as an experiment, two years down the line they are convinced, and now ready to share it with the world.

Keynote Speakers at ERPNext Conference 2019

Can ERPNext Scale?

When we talk of ERPNext and Enterprises, one of the common concerns is can ERPNext scale? Enterprises have very large volumes of data, and these days through integrations and devices, they are collecting more and more of it. ERPNext uses MariaDB (MySQL) database as its primary data store and it is used in production deployments all over the world for very large scale data sets including Wikipedia, Facebook and Uber.

Unlocking Value

As we enter a new era of slowing global growth, the next wave of growth will be driven by efficiency and productivity. Enterprise Open Source projects like ERPNext will help companies reduce the insane amount of license fees paid to companies like SAP (more than $20 billion a year for SAP alone!) and allow these companies to control their deployments in a much more scalable, dynamic and integrated fashion.

Join the Tribe

Participants of ERPNext Conference 2018



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Rushabh Mehta

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