Growth Above All

Why Growth?

  1. Internet and mobile have been game changers for all industries.
  2. Industries that have not yet adapted to internet driven workflows and commerce, offer huge opportunities to disruptive startups.
  3. Companies need to find one disruptive workflow, execute fast and keep growing.
  4. The only validation of their effectiveness is the rate at which they keep growing.

Long Bets and Other Models

  • Assembly line innovation by Ford.
  • Products from Apple like the Macintosh and iPhone.
  • The invention of lean manufacturing by Toyota.
  • The original Google Search and GMail. (Google Search was driven by a better way to rank websites, not just an insatiable desire to bring more revenue)

The Dark Side of Growth

  1. Money is driving attention, in commerce and politics.
  2. Companies spend billions in hacking attention and habits.
  3. Personal data is has become a monetisable commodity.
  4. Bots and memes have eclipsed intelligent, nuanced writing and arguments.
  5. Communities are becoming isolated and fractured.


founder, erpnext | the best code is the one that is not written

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Rushabh Mehta

Rushabh Mehta

founder, erpnext | the best code is the one that is not written

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