Letter to the Team (2018)


We all agree that we need to step up here, me included. Let us take the example of daily work summaries. This is a great way to share what you are working on, or add a funny comment, or just reflect on your work day. You never know, someone might have worked on something you have already worked, and have important insights, or you may find out someone you can collaborate on a project with. Don’t you find it inspiring to read what everyone is working on?

  1. Start sharing what you do a lot more.
  2. Ask people in your team if they have any problems. Encourage them to speak up, either on chat or in-person.
  3. Keep a time of the day aside to answer questions on the forum or GitHub.
  4. Update the Daily Work Summary regularly.

Timely Delivery

The second area we need to tighten up is making sure our projects get completed on time. That means taking responsibility of the milestones that we set for ourselves. We have had a lot of conversations over this and we are making great progress.

Incentive Scheme

Every month we will set milestones as usual. There will be only one milestone for everyone each month and we will be grouped into teams of three. There will be three bonuses for you.

  1. Performance Bonus: Meeting your milestone every month will earn you a bonus of 5%.
  2. Exceptional Performance Bonus: If contribute over and above your milestone you will earn a 5% bonus for exceptional performance. This could be helping out with conference planning, or taking up an unplanned project.
  3. Communication Bonus: If you show good performance on forum, documentation, blogs, videos will also have a 5% bonus. Both quantity and quality will be considered for this.

Goals and Investments

So look forward to making this another great year and creating great products and technology that will be the best in the world. I don’t think we have ever defined goals for the company. Here is something I propose should be our goals:

1. Build outstanding products.
2. Help people to use our products.
3. Share our knowledge with the world.

We are already good at #1 and #2, and our new incentive system fits in well with these goals.

Going Forward

We are also at an important inflection point in our journey. ERPNext is a product we have built over a decade, and we have always been a marginal player in the market. After tons of feedback and improvements, ERPNext is a massively improved and useful product. Slowly, it is becoming a mainstream option for companies looking for a modern ERP system.



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Rushabh Mehta

Rushabh Mehta

founder, erpnext | the best code is the one that is not written